Job vacancies

The FXR-IBD consortium is hiring!


Are you a UU/UMCU MSc student interested in obtaining experience in industry for 6-12 months after your MSc graduation, please read further!



The eligibility criteria:

you are in the last year of your MSc at the UU/UMCU, for example  medicine, biomedical sciences or pharmaceutical sciences.


We offer:

You will work at TES Pharma, Perugia, Italy, an emerging science-driven drug discovery company, focussed on the discovery and development of novel small molecule therapeutics in metabolic disease and oncology.

For more information about the project you will be working on, please klick here.


Depending on the project you will be working on, you will receive a living allowance and a mobility allowance. The gross living allowance will be approximately 38.000 euro/year (x1.161 for Enterome, x 1.066 for TES Pharma), from which all employer and employee taxes will be deduced. In addition, you will receive a flat rate mobility allowance of 700 euro (x1.161 for Enterome, x 1.066 for TES Pharma).



Please contact Saskia van Mil

s.w.c.vanmil @