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16-17 April 2018 FXR-IBD closing meeting including workshop 'Selective targeting of Nuclear Receptors'.
Please click here for the program. In these two days, we will discuss progression within the project, discuss managerial aspects of the proposal, and set out a final plan to further our collaborations. We end the FXR-IBD project with an exciting workshop on 'Selective targeting of Nuclear Receptors', disseminating our current knowledge on selective targeting of FXR and getting input from other nuclear receptor targets. Speakers from outside the consortium include Antimo Gioiello (University Perugia, Italy), Antonio Maccharulio (University of Perugia), Karolien de Bosscher (Universit Ghent, Belgium), Luc Brunsveld (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands), Eric Kalkhoven (UMC Utrecht, Netherlands) and Peter de Keizer (UMC Utrecht, Netherlands). 

April 2018 Joint review by TES Pharma, University of Perugia and UMC Utrecht in Pharmacology and Therapeutics  
See link for the review 'Progress and challenges of selective Farnesoid X Receptor targeting'.

9-10 January 2018 Progress meeting at TES Pharma. 
Beneficiaries TES Pharma and UMC Utrecht discussed progress and possibilities for future collaboration on selective FXR targeting.

December 2017 Celebration of two 10-month secondments by Gianmario Ciaccioli (TES Pharma) and Thibaut Dugat (Enterome) at UMC Utrecht

1 March 2017 Thibaut Dugat (Enterome) starts his 10-month secondment at UMC Utrecht

1 March 2017 Vittoria Massafra extends her secondment to TES Pharma with one month (3 months total)

2 November 2016 Idoia Garaizabal (Enterome) starts her 3-month secondment at UMC Utrecht.

15 October 2016 Lisette Waanders, a MSc graduate from UMC Utrecht, joins Enterome for a 14 month secondment.

19-20 September 2016 FXR-IBD progress meeting, location Enterome Bioscience in Paris

Please click here for the program. In these two days, we will discuss progression within the project, discuss managerial aspects of the proposal, and have a steering committee meeting to discuss dissemination and future collaborative research. In addition, we have organized a symposium 'Bile acid signaling and the interaction with the microbiome' and we are very happy that Lien van den Bossche (Ghent University, Belgium), Henri Duboc (Hopital Saint Antoine, France) together with speakers from within the FXR-IBD consortium (Roberto Pellicciari, Thibaut Dugat and Vittoria Massafra) will discuss with us their latest research on this topic.

17-09-2016 FXR-IBD is hiring MSc's from UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University to work at TES Pharma!!
Please click the tab TRAINEES for more info.

09-2016 UMCU and Enterome Bioscience publish a joint paper in the journal Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Please click here for the pdf of the article. The secondment of Jorrit Opstelten, PhD student at UMC Utrecht, to Enterome Bioscience was very fruitful, as his training in analysis of metagenomics datasets and the collaboration with Enteorme employees has resulted in a publication entitled: Gut microbial diversity is reduced in smokers with Crohn's disease, published in the September issue of Inflammatory Bowel diseases.

18-05-2016 FXR-IBD is hiring MSc's from UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University to work at TES Pharma or Enterome Bioscience!!
Please click the tab TRAINEES for more info.

2-5-2016 Gianmario Ciaccioli starts his 10 month secondment at UMCU

4-4-2016 Vittoria Massafra (UMCU) starts her 2-month secondment at TES Pharma

16/17-11 2015 FXR-IBD Midterm Review in Utrecht
Together with our Project Officer from the EU Marie Curie Actions grant scheme, we will evaluate the scientific and managerial progress of the project. (agenda)

16-09-2015 Publication in Scientific Reports
Yesterday, our manuscript 'The glucocorticoid Mometasone Furoate is a novel FXR ligand that decreases inflammatory, but not metabolic gene expression' ( was published. It is the first publication from the FXR-IBD consortium. Colleagues from University of Perugia, TES Pharma and UMC Utrecht show for the first time that separation between metabolic and anti-inflammatory actions of FXR can be achieved. This opens future opportunities for treatment of chronic inflammation of liver and gut.

17-08-2015 Dr. Francesca de Franco, senior researcher at TES Pharma, starts her 2-month secondment at UMC Utrecht
In the UMC Utrecht group, Francesca will further develop novel model systems to analyze newly generated ligands for their selective FXR actions.

17-08-2015 Dr. Idoia Garazaibal starts her 1-year fellowship at Enterome Bioscience
Today, Dr. Idoia Garazaibal starts her 1-year fellowship at Enterome Bioscience. She will study how bacteria from the gut, that are altered in IBD patients with active disease, contribute to the chronic inflammation in the gut. She obtained her PhD in Microbiology in 2014 from the University of Basque Country and is ideally equipped to perform the research.

01-07-2015 Dr. Lara Rossini, senoir researcher at TES Pharma, joins UMC Utrecht to work on the FXR-IBD project
It is a great pleasure to announce that Dr. Lara Rossini has started her secondment at UMC Utrecht. Together with other researchers from the van Mil group, she is developing novel model systems to analyze the new molecules (generated by TES Pharma) for the their selective farnesoid X receptor actions.

18/19-5-2015 Progress Meeting FXR-IBD in at TES Pharma, Italy
At the 18th of May, researchers from UMC Utrecht and Enterome Bioscience arrived in sunny Perugia to discuss progress and new plans for the project. All actively involved researchers presented their data and new plans were discussed. See Agenda 18-19May2015- TES Rev.pdf.

16-03-2015 Jorrit Opstelten starts his 2-month secondment at Enterome 
In the last year, Jorrit Opstelten has been involved in recruiting IBD patients for the FXR-IBD study at UMC Utrecht. In the stool samples of these patients, we will evaluate differences in intestinal microbiota in order to develop biomarkers for monitoring the disease. Jorrit is a PhD student at the UMC Utrecht and will visit Enterome in the coming months to give input on the clinical characteristics of the recruited IBD patients and to correlate them to the metagenomic dataset of IBD patients.

15-01-2015 José Miguel Ramos Pittol joins the UMC Utrecht for 2-years
Today, José Miquel Ramos Pittol started his 2-year post-doctoral fellowship at UMC Utrecht. He will study the molecular mechanims by which FXR regulates inflammation in the intestine. José has received his PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from the Max Planck Institute for Immunobiology and Epigenetics in Freiburg, Germany. He subsequently held a post-doctoral position in Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging, Nice, France. His experience in genome-wide interrogations of transcriptional binding makes him an asset to our consortium.

05-01-2015 Gianmario Ciaccioli starts his 1-year post-doctoral fellowship at TES Pharma
Gianmario is the first of 4 fellows that are recruited within the FXR-IBD project. We are very happy that he joins TES Pharma to investigate whether it is possible to generate selective FXR ligands for inflammatory bowel disease. In November 2014, Gianmario obtained his PhD from the University of Lisbon in Neuroscience. He previously held positions at Intercept Italy and Bioalvo S.A., and has therefore ample experience in drug discovery, screening and FXR agonists. He is therefore ideally suited to take on this project. 

02-10-2014 FXR-IBD is recruiting an experienced researcher to work at TES Pharma for 1 year
Within the FXR-IBD project, we are looking for an experienced researcher to work at TES Pharma for 1 year. For more details and the application procedure, see Trainees.

29-09-2014 Ingrid Bijsmans starts her second month of secondment at TES Pharma
Just a few days after the FXR-IBD progress meeting in Paris, Dr. Ingrid Bijsmans travelled to Perugia today to start her second month of her secondment at TES Pharma. She will be following up on her screen to find anti-inflammatory FXR ligands.

26-09-2014 FXR-IBD symposium: 'Microbiota in inflammatory Bowel Disease: innovation in diagnostic and therapeutical tools'
For the purpose of transfer of knowledge, the FXR-IBD consortium organized an open symposium, entitled: 'Microbiota in inflammatory Bowel Disease: innovation in diagnostic and therapeutical tools', see Symposium Program.pdf. Excellent talks were given on the latest insights into microbiota in health and disease, on non-invasive diagnosis and pathogenesis of IBD, as well as on functional metagenomics and the relationship between microbiota and bile acid metabolism.

25-09-2014 FXR-IBD Progress Meeting, hosted by Enterome
9 Months into the FXR-IBD project was a good time to discuss our progress on the FXR-IBD project. With four delegates from TES Pharma, eight delegates from UMC Utrecht, and 7 delegates from Enterome, we had a full table to discuss our project. Updates were given on each work package by different involved researchers from all 3 parties. Afterwards, we had a lovely dinner nearby the Enterome premises. The next day, after the symposium, we discussed possibilities for upcoming secondments and new leads for investigation. See Agenda FXR-IBD Progress Meeting 25-26 September.

08-09-2014 Alexandra Milona starts her 2-month secondment at TES Pharma
Dr. Alexandra Milona arrived in Perugia today. She is a post-doc in Saskia van Mil's group, however for the next two months, she will work at TES Pharma as part of the FXR-IBD project. She will exchange her knowledge on in vivo models of IBD and bile acid homeostasis. In return, she will gain knowledge on quantitative bile acid species measurements and bile acid chemistry.

22-05-2014 FXR-IBD is seeking two post-doctoral researchers.
Within the FXR-IBD project, we have two positions for post-doctoral researchers. One at Enterome Bioscience (Paris, France), and one at University Medical Center Utrecht (Utrecht, The Netherlands). For more details and the application procedure, see Trainees.


28-04-2014 Dr Ingrid Bijsmans; first secondee FXR-IBD.
Dr Ingrid BijsmansDr. Ingrid Bijsmans, a post-doctoral researcher in Van Mil's lab, is the first researcher to be seconded in the FXR-IBD project. She will work at TES Pharma to develop a novel screening method to aid in rational design of FXR compounds that separate FXR metabolic and anti-inflammatory signalling. She will test a library of compounds and select potential hits that will be followed up. 

29-01-2014 Kick-off meeting in Utrecht   
At January 29, 2014, representatives of TES Pharma, Enterome Bioscience and UMC Utrecht came together to discuss strategic planning of the FXR-IBD project. Already identified secondees where attending to be introduced into the project, to get to know each other and to discuss implementation of the first research goals. Press Release FXR-IBD kick off meeting / Program FXR-IBD kick off meeting

01-01-2014 Start of EU funding
The FXR-IBD project will run from 01-01-2014 until 31-12-2017.

23-12-2013 Consortium Agreement signed by all parties

21-08-2013 Grant Agreement signed by all parties and the REA
The Marie Curie IAPP project "Industria-Academia exchange to further FXR-based therapeutic intervention and non-invasive diagnosis in Inflammatory Bowel Disease", in short "FXR-IBD", has been granted funding by the European Commission. The total value of the project is M€ 1.5 to echange knowledge and expertise and involves in total 15 researchers for variable amounts of time (between 4months-2years). The FXR-IBD consortium is coordinated by dr. Saskia van Mil from the UMC Utrecht and consists of UMC Utrecht (Netherlands), TES Pharma (Italy) and Enterome Bioscience (France).